Nobody likes it when the fuel prices are revised because the revision is more often an increase in the price. There is probably nothing we can do about this, and so the only way to cushion ourselves from the high prices is to increase the fuel efficiency of our cars. If you are having difficulties keeping up with the high fuel prices like most of us, then the following four tips will help improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

car fuel meter

1. Inflate the tires properly

Perhaps this is the single most important thing that you should do to increase fuel efficiency. If you properly inflate your tires, you will be able to increase fuel efficiency by up to 3%. If your car has quality tires they might go for moths without showing signs of deflation but whether it is evident or not they lose up to 1 PSI every month. Check your tires regularly and ensure that they are perfectly inflated.

2. Never leave the engine idle

If you live in a big city, then you are likely to get stuck in a traffic jam regularly. When this happens, you should always turn off the engine and only switch it on when the cars start moving. When the engine is running, it will be consuming some fuel while the car is taking you nowhere which is not economical. Some people may argue that the burst of fuel used to start the car is more than what is lost when the engine is idle, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

3. Avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking

As a driver, it is important to calculate the distance between your car and other cars on the road to avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking. If you are able to eliminate this bad driving habits, you will also be able to make your car more fuel efficient. Fuel efficiency is not always about saving a couple of gallons at once but even saving little fuel on many occasions will increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

4. Slow down, you will still get there

Did you know that when you are driving at 70 MPH your car uses 25% more fuel than when you are driving at 55 MPH. This is according to reliable data from the government, and so a further increase in speed will only lead to more fuel consumption. Speed is not only unnecessary most of the time, but it is also very dangerous. Slow down to increase fuel efficiency and to make sure that you get to your destination in one piece.

As a motorist, you do not have a say in the price of fuel but you can choose how the prices affect you by making your car more fuel efficient. Follow the above simple tips and you will be happy with the outcome.