car speakersChoosing car speakers can turn into a major headache, as even the devices of the same series can have multitudes of speakers of different sizes. The size of the speakers directly influences the characteristics of the sound – its clarity and the depth of the bass. When choosing car speakers, first and foremost decide for yourself how much money you are willing to invest. Ask yourself what is more important: the space in the cabin or the quality of the resulting output sound. Learn what selection criteria to follow when choosing the size of the speakers, the design type and the corresponding characteristics.

Front speakers should not have a diameter bigger than 6.5 inches. This size will typically allow to get a good sound quality and deep bass. In most cases, this size of car speakers fits perfectly, but there could be exceptions when the regular installation space is smaller. But this problem is easily solved in a specialized service center. Another important feature, which is often neglected, is a significant difference between models of the same series. Thus, as a rule, the price may not be significantly higher than that of the “normal” model, but the quality of sound will be drastically different, so keep this in mind.

Another type of speakers is slightly enlarged and has a diameter of 8 inches. This is an ideal size for the three-component speaker systems. Due to their huge size they perform the role of a specialized unit for reproducing mid-range frequencies. But because of the large size some difficulties may arise in the process of installation in the front doors of the car. Occasionally this type of car speakers can be installed in two-component systems. But in this case the playback quality of mid-range frequencies will be quite mediocre. Also, it is best to use 8-inch speakers without a subwoofer, as it is simply not needed, but try it for yourselves first.

Car speakers with a diameter of 5.25 inches are perfect for a surround sound reinforcement. In the case of limited space in the cabin they can be used as a front-end audio system. Oval type of speakers in coaxial systems are usually intended for installation in the rear shelf. Their standard size is 6×9 inches. This solution allows for a much deeper bass sound. The disadvantages of oval speakers are purely mechanical, such as, an imbalanced diffuser and coaxial parts.

Quite often you can find advertisements of small 2.5 inch speakers. But this type of car speakers has a very low quality sound reproduction that particularly affects bass. Therefore, it is desirable to equip the speaker system in the passenger compartment with more bass support. This can be a standard mid-bass woofer or speakers installed in the front part of the cabin.

It is natural that small-sized speakers are much cheaper in comparison to others. But if you want to build high-quality sound system in your car this kind of decision isn’t justified because by buying additional mid-bass speakers the total price of the audio system will be significantly higher. The good alternative may become a conventional three-component sound system with built-in dedicated speaker for reproducing mid-range frequencies. This speaker system is compact in size and easy to install in the rear of the cabin.